What points should we take into consideration when choosing a web font?

I want to deepen my knowledge in typography, more specifically, web typography.

I’m looking for good information for this purpose, but I’m not finding anything good.

I see many people talking badly about some fonts, then I go to another site and these same fonts are recommended. It seems that people talk about fonts like a personal choice, and not for “technical” reasons.

So, I’m a bit confused. The choice of typography seems very important to me, and not just in the sense of being pretty or not.

Does anyone out there know a good website where I can start to study the families of fonts that are recommended for web, and what points we should have in consideration to choose a web font?


I normally pick my web fonts based on three things: Rendering, availability and aesthetics.


Not all fonts render the same way. While some look great in desktop, web is a completely different realm. To some degree it comes down to your audience, the OS and browsers they use. We have quite a few questions here on font rendering, to name a few:

I personally like to grab a bunch of fonts I like and test them using different browsers, VMs or online services. I give each font a score for each major OS/browser and then choose between the ones with better scores.


This is not so much of an issue, but you should ask yourself: Are you hosting your own font, or using an online service such as Google Fonts of Font Squirrel? Will @font-face be available for everyone (think older versions of IE)? If not, which font will you fall to?


Last but not least, you need a font that goes well with the message/service you are offering. Will you go for serif or sans-serif? What size? There are ‘theories’ behind font choices, but most designers will agree it’s probably a matter of ‘taste’.

Some related questions:

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