What programs can I use to create an animation for web?

I have never created animations, but I want to make one for my website’s home page. Basically what I have is an image where each chakra of human body is shown with its name. I want to show how the energy level moves in the body, from lowest chakra to top most chakra, changing the colors of the energy as they level up to a different chakra.

Which software can I use to make this animation?


For website animations, these are the main options I can think of:

Most of these options require practice (and/or knowledge of programming), so it depends on how comfortable you are with the tools. If you are familiar with graphic software and your animation is simple you could go for an animated GIF (that way you only need to draw each frame of the animation and then put them together).

Source : Link , Question Author : Sunishtha Singh , Answer Author : Yisela

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