What should be in a job contract?

Inspired by the great answers from this question, what are things you would include in a graphic design job contract?

Are there items or conditions you would have in a freelance contract that aren’t necessary if you’re in a larger firm, and vice versa?


I would highly recommend taking a look at the AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services. It is a very extensive agreement that somewhat favors the designer, so if you want to know how to cover your butt, this is probably the definitive document to read. I have read it many times over, and I don’t see very much in there that is superfluous to even a small project, which is unfortunate because the full agreement is so huge. Either way, do read if you want see what covering all your bases looks like. Then you can either use it directly or decide what parts you’re willing to risk and create your own shorter version.

There are things in there that a large firm may not be comfortable with. I would rely on that firm to either produce its own contract which I would compare with this one to see how badly they’ve skewed things in their favor, or I would work with them to eliminate things they don’t like or want to add.

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