What software can be used to create scientific posters?

For “political” reasons I used MS PowerPoint to create a scientific poster. Scientific means mainly having formulas, plots(they could be images), text and images. Although I would prefer to use LaTeX, I realize that it’s not the most convenient way when someone has to do corrections on the fly. Therefore I am a bit confused on what’s the most appropriate software to create scientific posters while at the same time to be able to make on the fly corrections.

I know some packages, but since I’ve never used them, I am not sure which is the most convenient.

  1. Corel Draw
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Adobe Photoshop (I know it’s a photo editor, but once I used it to create flyers)
  4. In Design
  5. Anything else?


I’d personally always use InDesign for posters, but it all depends on the type of output you’re after. If you’re self-printing, Photoshop might be easier to deal with, but you wouldn’t be able to make on-the-fly corrections; you’d need to take screen grabs and add the images in as layers.

With InDesign, you can either work with existing fonts that are intended for scientific use (I found this on another question) or use a third-party plug-in that deals explicitly with equations; this one was recommended to me via the Adobe forums a while back.

For graphs, I’d tend to just live with importing these as images taken from excel or something similar, although there may be a way of importing these directly Into inDesign – I’ve never tried it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Thanos , Answer Author : JohnB

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