What stroke width Instagram is using for its icons and how to get same results?

I’m designing on Illustrator icons for a new app, when I use 1px stroke and preview on mobile they look very thin and when I use 2px stroke they look a bit bold while Instagram icons look and feel perfect.
I tried to reproduce the same but I think they use something around 1.3px stroke which is not pixel perfect for me.
Could you explain me if my understanding is wrong and how I can get same result as Instagram icons?

here is an example, hope it helps to understand my point:

Image 1 is 1px stroke:

This is 1px stroke

Image 2 is Instagram example:

This is instagram example

Image 3 is 2px stroke:

This is 2px stroke


I’m not sure if this is the case, but sometimes the icons are made with a double stroke to mimic a fake stroke width. At the icons below there are three different strokes:

  1. 1px
  2. 1px black + 2px grey
  3. 2px


This is the second icon structure:

icon structure

Source : Link , Question Author : Youness , Answer Author : Community

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