What technique in Photoshop can we use to produce animated drawing?

I came across a video that teaches kids how to draw. I recognize some kind of masking is involved, but I can’t quite figure out how to do this in photoshop to create animated drawing. I know for sure the letters are pre-drawn in Photoshop (or some software), but I can’t figure out the animation.

Here is the video I was referring to: https://youtu.be/ayzVNkIJsk8?t=31
(warning, there’s kid music).

Thoughts? If this is the wrong place to ask let me know, thanks.


To me it is a screen recording, the clue is the irregular window scrolling using the space bar at minute 0.34.

Screen recording

From an outlined text, use Color Range to get the outline selection

outlined text

  • Hide the text layer and create a new empty layer.
  • Make an Action with Allow Tool Recording checked from the
    Action’s Menu
  • Start recording painting with the brush inside the selection, following the text border

Letter A

Stop the action, delete this layer, make a new one, hide the selection and play the action:


Make a new layer to play the action while recording the screen or the document window

Source : Link , Question Author : CppLearner , Answer Author : Community

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