What things should I consider when using my own custom fonts on a client’s project?

When creating printed media for a corporation/legal entity, what exactly should I consider when using my own, personally created and designed, fonts?


Clarification: We are designers, for real answers you should ask a lawyer.

First thing I would consider is: Were you paid by the company to design this typeface, or did you have it before you used it for the project?

  • If you were paid to do it, then the type’s right probably belongs to the company, and not to you (depends on your contract). You can most likely display it in your portfolio, but you can’t use it or sell it. In this case, the company would choose what sort of license they want to give the font.

  • If you designed the typeface on your own time, then you are the owner and you can decide the License you prefer. You can give the font to the company, either for free under no license, or under a Creative Commons license with commercial use allowed. You can also sell the font to them, in that case it would be release as copyrighted.

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