What this networking grid style effect called?

Network stock image

what is this effect called like dots connected to each other ?

I want to create this effect in Illustrator , is there is any script or plug-ins available in market to create this? , i tried ” Distribute on path” script but i just could not create it. Client wants this design in the part of website so i needed to create it.

Image is stock image , Image courtesy : Shutterstock video

This is from Graphic Design perspective


I think “networking grid” is an apt description.

I don’t think you’d need a script to do this. It’s fairly simple to create something like that manually, and by the time you find a script and mess around with it, you could have done it already.

In Illustrator create a dot symbol, and spray the symbol randomly with the Symbol Sprayer Tool. Then Expand the symbol set. Then connect the dots with lines. Enable Smart Guides to make the job easier. The example below took a few minutes.

Example network grid

Source : Link , Question Author : Dave Rajan , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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