What title do I put on a project where I did the menu, posters, and the art direction of photos but NOT the logo?

So theres this restaurant that already had a logo. I did their menu, menu board, cards, gift coupons, and posters. I didn’t follow any branding guide cause they dont have any. So I started from scratch and just submitted a brief of what colors to use, how photos will be photographed.

Would you say I did the “creative direction” for them? I’m confused to what to put on my portfolio. My title format is “brand name | type of work”. What type of work would you say I did? I want to say I did “branding” but I didn’t do the logo.


I would use Brand Collateral materials.

Meaning you did materials which are collateral with the branding.. but does not indicate you completed the branding itself.

Source : Link , Question Author : J. Mangum , Answer Author : Scott

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