What to do if your website design got stolen?

Let say your website design got stolen. You saw your design being used from a different site or company. The only difference from your design is the logo and some images.

What actions can you do to resolve this issue?

Here’s what I did. I emailed the developer that is claiming the rights but didn’t respond. I called the company and they’re putting the responsibility on the developer. They said they’re not responsible and they just pay some person to do it. They also told me that they don’t have any access to the files or such.

If I understand it right, the initial responsible for the copyright infringement is the Company using my design. So the developer will have to answer to the Company who’s using the design.

Here’s my idea, since the Company do not have an access to their Host/Server and the Developer wont answer me.

  1. Is it possible that I can contact the hosting company to pull down the website for copyright infringement?

  2. Do I have to get an approval from the company (the one who stole the design) to bring the site down?

I have sufficient evidence to prove the design is mine.

Thank You.


You can file a DMCA notice and address it to the webhosting company hosting their website, and to search engines who will delist the copyright infringing content.

If you don’t want to do the legwork, you can use a DMCA service. I found this one on Google:

DMCA service ($99)

and I am sure you can find many others. Or you can write the DMCA yourself. In all cases it is far cheaper than contacting a lawyer.

Source : Link , Question Author : Pennf0lio , Answer Author : Sylverdrag

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