What to do with small cap initialisms at the start of a sentence?

I am typesetting my thesis and am enjoying the use of small caps for initialisms. They look great in the middle of a sentence, but I’m unsure what to do if they fall at the start of a sentence.

Different small caps options

Currently I’m doing (1) and if I end up writing an initialism at the start of a sentence, I reword to avoid that. This sometimes ends up contorting the sentence a little, so I’d like to figure out my options if I want to leave it at the start.

(2) just looks wrong to me.

Is (3) common? It looks a bit like a normal word that has had small caps applied to it.

(4) seems inconsistent with the two different presentations in the one sentence.

(5) is me giving up on small caps altogether.

What should I do?


There is a simple rule: Each sentence starts with a capital letter.

So you should start each sentence with a capital letter. You can rephrase the sentence, if you do not want to capitalise the small-caps-word. (BTW: I think that would be the best, so your (1)). Or You use your (3) with a capitalised first letter.

Source : Link , Question Author : heycam , Answer Author : Mensch

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