What to look for in projectors to use in murals

To paint murals we will use an old 20th century overhead projector and transparencies to project images on a wall and draw preliminary outlines. Bulbs for the projector are getting hard to find. I’m thinking of getting a projector to hook onto my Mac Powerbook and project images from my computer.

Are there other muralists who use computer projectors? I’m hoping to get advice in what to look for in the projector I plan to purchase.


I think that depends on the average size of your mural work and lighting conditions.

For larger murals and less than ideal conditions, you will probably need something with a lot of lumens.

I found an article that might help you decide on a good projector (I tried to look for an article that wasn’t sponsored by any particular brand, but I would still verify this is an impartial article)
Article Here.

Source : Link , Question Author : HopDavid , Answer Author : Tony Rodriguez

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