What to put in my portfolio if I have not had any clients yet?

I am a newbie self taught web designer. My skills are HTML/CSS web designs. My problem is, how do I start marketing myself or what type of web designs should I put in my portfolio if I have not had any clients yet?


There is something that worries me more than the lack of clients.

Are you good? Are you good enough to have a first nonprofit client?

Do you have a personal web page? I do not mind if it is on a free hosting service. I do not mind a couple of ads at the top.

Do you have some screen captures of design ideas, as a single jpg posted perhaps on deviantart.com?

I do not mind a portfolio of fake clients. That is totally fine with me, as long as the work looks good (and it is well structured) (Guess what… that could be sold as a template)

So, the first client you need to have is yourself. Then you can make some variations on a “Your company name” “template”. Then, I could see if you actually know HTML and CSS, and actually know how to “design” a website.

This “templates” could be business oriented too.

A template for dentists where you actually analyze what a dentist could need, for example, a form to appoint a date, A photographer’s portfolio with some categories for different types of photos, etc.

P.S. “Web designer” is a pretty complex term.

It could imply:

  • Designing the structure, the flow, the content architecture.

  • UX interfaces, assets, look.

  • Tag coding.

  • CSS/Frameworks usage.

  • Adaptable design.

  • Development skins for specific platforms.

  • JavaScript programming.

  • Some basic understanding of backend programming.

  • Etc.

So, you probably need to learn a couple of things more.

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