what to use instead of $$$ as cost level in design? Is there any alternative?

This question may be quite confusing so I’ve attached an image with it.

Below is a snap from Yelp site, there you can see $$$ which is for price level. So what I want to ask is, is there any alternative anyone has used?

Actually I’m designing a page for similar site so I’m thinking is there anything else we could use or has anyone used?

Yelp Site Dollar rating image


You have two choices: to use iconography or text.

The advantage of this particular iconography (the dollar signs) is that it is concise and it clearly conveys the necessary information.

Using text gets into the question of proper labeling (cheap as opposed to inexpensive; costly versus upscale). Properly done there isn’t a reason to oppose using text – but you have to hit your market spot on.

“Cheap Eats” may not be what some people want associated with their product.
“Upscale” may equate with expensive to some, unaffordable to others and, of course, not all expensive places are upscale.

TL/DR – The dollar icon works well. It’s understood by all. Labels can be very, very tricky.

Source : Link , Question Author : Abi Rana , Answer Author : Mayo

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