What to use to split (slice) a huge photo when Photoshop won’t work?

I have a very large image that’s over 80,000 by 80,000 pixels. It has to be saved in Photoshop as a PSB or PNG. I have it sectioned into many 5,000 x 5,000 pixel slices and need to export all of these slices.

From everything I’m seeing, Photoshop doesn’t seem to allow slicing of images that are this big.

What options exist for slicing up a file this big into tiles?


Affinity Photo (which reads PSDs as well as most typical image and photo types) is specced to handle 65.5 Gigapixel (256000 x 256000) images – this may be your best bet.

Bear in mind that at a colour depth of 24 bits per pixel, each pixel takes up 3 bytes of memory, so if you’re working in RAW, and have a lot of layer effects & filters, you may simply run out of available RAM before you reach that software-imposed top cap.

Source : Link , Question Author : kewardicle , Answer Author : GerardFalla

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