What type of cardboard to use for a liquor box?

We designed a label and a box for a cognac (vinjak), the full bottle weighs around 1.3 kg .
The printing company my client chose (in another country) wants to know which type of cardboard (or which type of material) to use for the box.
I don’t have a lot of experience with materials so I would usually consult with the printing company, but I already asked them for recommendation and had no positive response.

I did some research but I’m still unsure what to tell them- it needs to be firm enough to hold a cognac bottle and still to be able to print a full-color design. Do you know what would be the standard option here?


Also, do you know would this lock bottom dieline be good for this type of box?

edit : from the printers website: Materials: microwave, small wave, chromocardone, belpack or some other materials of your choice.
The printing can be: screen, flexo, offset, UV printing or foil
Packaging can be papier mache, laminated or lacquered. (sorry for the rough translate)

Our design is a dark box with some gold foil and UV details, plus a photo of the vineyard founder in some ochre colours

This is the insert for the bottle we created to put inside (slanted shape is for this specific bottle)



The printing company my client chose (in another country) now asked me which type of cardboard (or which type of material) to use for the box.

Ok Everybody understood the problem backward. You, the client, the provider.

Let us start with you. You are not supposed to give a material from scratch. You should ask them “What type of cardboard can YOU print?”

What thickness, and what kind of post process can you make? Can you make a corrugated sandwich after you print the cover? Can you use direct inks, color cardboard, recycled cardboard, hot stamping, etc? Can they do die cut?

Now you need to separate your project.

No, probably the cardboard does not need to hold or protect the bottle. You then probably need to make an internal structure with corrugated cardboard to hold the bottle and make a firm structure, so the outer cardboard do not suffer much stress.

enter image description here

Normally a thick cardboard used for the outer layer or box is one called SBS “Solid Bleached Sulphated” and comes in several thickness. You need to see if the thickness is enough to hold the product (with the additional structure inside it)

Buy a catalog of SBS to test the thickness. Buy some sheets and make a real size dummy and see it in action.

If they can not print a specific thickness, the client probably choose a not si fitted provider.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mjav , Answer Author : Rafael

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