What type of creative commons licensing do I need for free templates?

I’m planning on releasing a design template for a specific platform to make it easier on users who use that platform to design their pages. I want to allow anyone to download this template for free; however, I would not like anybody to sell this template or use it as artwork in a project. Basically, I just want to allow people to use it to build their designs. Do I need CC licensing and if so, what type of CC licensing do I need?


Use the GNU GPL. It’s not creative commons, but it essentially says that anyone can use it, so long as they also license it under the GPL and don’t sell it.


It’s intended more for software releases, but because what you’re doing is akin to a software release and what the GPL is intended for, I think it would work better than a Creative Commons license.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jason , Answer Author : dkuntz2

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