What type of graphical projection is this?

graphical projection of a house
I have been creating 2D artwork with buildings drawn like the image above.

For inspiration I have looked at a lot of isometric illustrations but obviously this is much flatter and does not have the sides projected on angles. I think this type of projection could be considered oblique? But as the front and side are projected head on it could also be considered orthographic?

Example below of my houses used in one of my poster designs.

my artwork (Leigh-on-Sea Poster)

The closest I can find is probably top-down oblique (as used in many clasic games) but the obvious problem is that my house isn’t top-down more side on…?

I would appreciate any help in classifying this type of projection/illustration style, mainly out of interest, but also because I cant find any other examples of it.


It’s a parallel projection. The wiewing direction is horizontal. All horizontal surfaces are squeezed to horizontal lines (only 1 here – the floor plane).

When one watches distant objects by having a a strong telescope, the perspective gets nearly thislike flat. Not exactly, but the smaller is the object compared to the distance, the flatter is the perspective.

Source : Link , Question Author : Neil Fendell , Answer Author : user287001

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