What type of paper should I use for print outs for a physical portfolio?

I’m creating a physical portfolio for an interview. I’ve bought a portfolio binder/case. I was wondering on what kind of paper should I take the print outs of my work? For example, would it be fine if I used the regular paper? Like an A4 size or should I use a matte or glossed paper for my work? My work includes posters, brochures, business cards etc.


If your work consists of posters, brochures, business cards that were produced and used, then you should have the paper quality that the client got. Basically you should have in your portfolio some examples of stuff you have done.

If you only have your work digitally, I would simply go for the best paper possible, the most expensive and/or best fitted to the design.

Ie. I would use a variety of paper qualities, and I would stay well away from 80g printer paper.

I would go for variety. Glossed, matte, textured, cream coloured, pure white, torn edges, 200g etc etc where appropriate.

I would not use the same paper quality for all the stuff: that will only look hastily thrown together, or that you have no idea about paper.

The point is to get your work to look its best, and to that end, use all possible means.


Oh, and if you have posters, then bring posters. Print out as large as possible, get it plotted professionally, even. Arriving with a physical portfolio is a must. A few rolls under your arm I would say is a plus.

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