What typewriter font is used in this document?

What typewriter font is used in this document?:

enter image description here

If yes: Can I download a freely (as in freedom) usable font file for use in text editors ?

If no: Can I (or anyone) legally create a font for computer use, released freely (as in freedom), by shamelessly copying it from this document ?

Or something similar:

  • typewriter / monospace
  • modern (not those roundish, “some characters fall below the line” style)
  • like: most letters started out as “rounded edge rectangles”


That is not a font. (Font meaning digital file for a typeface)

That is an actual typewriter page which has been scanned and then converted to a PDF. The PDF only contains Lucida, Lucida Bold, and Lucida Italic.

If You are merely searching for Typewriter fonts MyFonts.com has a large selection.

Source : Link , Question Author : Peter , Answer Author : Scott

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