What would be the best software to place together a tessellation for laser cutting

I have a tessellation piece (shown below). I want to use this piece and create a tessellation of a certain amount of pieces so I can laser cut them out of a piece of wood.

What would be the best software to do this in?

enter image description here


You could use this method in Illustrator:

  1. create a shape like this with your symbol

enter image description here

  1. Crop the selected area.

enter image description here

  1. select your croped object and go to Pattern Options (Window>Pattern Options)

enter image description here

once the Pattern option tab opens up click the waffle and select Make Pattern

enter image description here

  1. A windows will pop up where you can navigate how the pattern should flow, also you can make the changes while preview the pattern.

Once you happy with all the alignments, on the top left corner press Done ( This will save your patter in the Swatches tab)

enter image description here

After all this you can select any shape tool and use the swatch to put in your pattern. Once thats done you have to Expand it by Selecting the object and Object>Expand..


  1. select a Rectangle tool (Press M)

  2. Create the shape you want it to be cropped. Make sure the shape has
    no stroke.

  3. Select all layers and in Pathfinder (Windows>PathFinder) click the crop button.


enter image description here

Hope it was helpful

Source : Link , Question Author : DJ bigdawg , Answer Author : Alex Satriani

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