What’s a good iOS app for quickly posting screenshots on the web?

Something analogous to photobucket for the desktop – whose iPhone app is a bit useless to me because it doesn’t enable importing from the camera roll. I’m looking for something that easily allows me to share a screenshot (to embed somewhere, for example in a forum, or on a Stack Exchange question) but don’t want to junk up my flickr, Instagram, etc.


There’s also the official Flickr app. It supports uploading photos and videos from the Camera Roll. Flickr specifically will require that you already have an account on the service, most Twitter integrated networks (yFrog, TwitPic) will “create” an account when you use it for the first time.

Flickr the site.
Flickr.app the iOS app.

(Native to iPhone only, obviously works on the iPad using small screen emulation.)

Source : Link , Question Author : bpapa , Answer Author : Jason Salaz

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