Whats a good way to find a good designer? [closed]

I’m running a company that needs design work from time to time. Things like business cards, web design, marketing materials, etc. We probably have about 20 hours a month of design work on average.

What are good resources for finding designers? Where do designers look for clients? I’ve tried my network to no avail. Should I be posting on job search sites? Are there design forums that designers frequent?

Edit: The company I’m running is a start up, so while I’m willing to pay a designer, I’d rather not have to pay a headhunter to find one.


  • word of mouth (Typically the most common method)
  • your local Chamber of Commerce (or other business org) if you want to stay local
  • your local startup incubator/organization (they should have plenty of suggestions)
  • your local AIGA (in the USA. Other countries likely have their own graphic design industry groups)
  • Web sites such as dribbble.com or behance.com etc. where graphic designers post their portfolios

Source : Link , Question Author : Snitse , Answer Author : DA01

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