What’s a replacement for Univers Condensed?

I’m failing to find a replacement for Univers Condensed to use on the Web. I’m using Typekit (portfolio), and right now using LFT Etica Web which is much wider than Univers. I tried Googleing but no luck, so I decided to sign up and ask the pros.


The great thing about Univers is that it comes in so many weights and widths. It’s a real powerhouse of a typeface.

Very few typefaces come with the range of fonts that Univers does. So there’s really no universal ‘alternative’.

Now, if you are only using one particular weight of Univers, we could maybe find a font with similar metrics.

All that said, you don’t need an alternative. You can license Univers as a web font:


Source : Link , Question Author : pocesar , Answer Author : DA01

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