What’s an effective way to electronically distribute a trifold brochure for review?

I have a design for a Trifold brochure that was presented at our company’s board meeting. I had a small run printed before the meeting so it could be distributed in its intended format.

During the meeting, people wanted to provide feedback. I was asked to provide it digitally so that people could provide some comments (probably mostly on text, but being the nature of design work, I expect aesthetic commentary as well)

I’m not inclined to just send out the print-ready PDF. Things that are obvious in print are not on the PDF, such as where it gets folded, and how two flaps that aren’t physically adjacent on paper are when it’s folded. I also don’t want to just put all the text in Word, because people may not appreciate how text changes could affect design.

What are some effective ways to electronically distribute a trifold brochure for review?


What I sometimes do is just place some very light gradients where the folds are going to be, on top of all the artwork and set these to ‘multiply’. This kind of simulates the folded object while keeping it flat and helps people visualize page margins and the whitespace between folds.

Make it a PDF without any printer marks so it renders nicely in Acrobat and they can annotate text changes directly and make comments on the actual file. When approved, don’t forget to remove the gradients otherwise they will also get printed 🙂

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