What’s beneficial about temporal auto Bezier keyframes over continuous Bezier keyframes?

From what understand, a temporal auto Bezier keyframe automatically re-adjusts both of its direction handles whenever a neighboring keyframe is moved somehow and the influences of both of its incoming and outgoing velocities are always the same. Whereas a temporal continuous Bezier keyframe does not re-adjusts at all, and the influences are different. So those are the differences on how they work.

But what are the real benefits of auto Bezier keyframes over continuous Bezier keyframes? Most of the time, as far as I know, most people use Easy Ease (In/Out) keyframe assistants anyway, and end up manually adjusting the curves, which results only in continuous Bezier keyframes. What’s the point of auto Bezier keyframes?


Difference is quite low 🙂 Auto bezier will generate constrains automatically and continous bezier will allow that constrains to be streched in the axes (same line of auto generated constrains) and once you change constrains axis ( means u make shape like V) it’ll become bezier

Auto Bezier : As it’s name says; auto bezier stands for the smoothness of animation by adjusting all curves automatically.

Continous Bezier : same as Auto bezier in first perspective; does same thing when adjusting curves! Then what is the point??

Here it goes:

  1. From my knowledge whenever keyframes are auto beziers if you changes the keyframes handles then this behaviour will FORCE all other relating (neighbour) handles to change their handles to in term to maintain the smoothness automatically so let me give you example. you want to make ball fall down and bounce animation then you can use this behavious since till collision of ball it’s speed will be graduating constantly and then after collision it bounces upwards by applying pressure to surface and then it stops.

so in that case we had graduating changes in motion and to make it smooth we can use auto bezier since it will auto generate curves based on gravity(speed in our case) and even if you change one handle it’ll change others too

  1. now come in bezier handles. in continous bezier handles you have fully controls over each handles. so if you want to make your ball move down in illogical way(slowly comes down and then gets speed and again get very slow etc.) you can use continous bezier since it won’t affect other handles while changing and then you can have your desired changes in motion speed

so basically if you doing natural movements like slope or fall or jump ; auto bezier will be best choice until you found that some keyframe really need change only then switch that frame to Continous Bezier 🙂

Edit : Watch Below image in which i drew constrains relation between auto ,continous and bezier and its effects by interpolation in graph

enter image description here

and not but least u can always read Official Docs if you want; Hope it helps 🙂 Happy Animating time 🙂

Here Is Little More

About “influences of incoming and outgoing velocities” : it will only same when you’ve selected Auto Bezier or Continous Bezier in temporal interpolation and when we talk about spatial interpolation it doesn’t effect on velocity at all. it just tells us about position : in short i think you will get all confusion clear by using graph.

first switch graph to Speed Graph and keep your Temporal interpolation linear.you will see that your speed isn’t smooth at all but once you switch temporal interpolation to auto bezier the incoming and outgoing velocity will be equaled and now you can see smooth graph(curve)

now we comes to spatial interpolation: now it’s all about values of position and so on so switch your graph from speed to value and set spatial interpolation from linear to auto or continuous bezier now it’ll show you smooth curve instead of straight lines

In Short : "Use Auto Bezier unless you find some frames bad and fix it by only making it to continous :) to understand it more : no matter it's auto or continous the spatial interpolation reffers for values and temporal intepolation refers to velocity(speed over time) "

-Regards; Design Phoenix

Source : Link , Question Author : Vun-Hugh Vaw , Answer Author : Mr.Online

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