What’s the best way to make attractive charts?

I have a bunch of pie charts and bar charts to make up for a client. They have given me the raw data and they want them made up attractively and easy to understand.

Does this mean I have to work out the divisions and graph it all myself from scratch before I even come to making it more attractive? Is there a quicker way to do this?

To avoid confusion. Basically they’re going to be vector graphics, output as EPS files and in illustrator ideally because of it’s great vector capability.



Illustrator has a function by which you can enter the values in a spreadsheet format (and I believe you can import or past a comma- or tab-delimited file for ease-of-use) and generate a chart of your choosing on-the-fly. In addition, if you change the values in the spreadsheet, then the chart automatically updates. The whole thing is in vector format and completely customizable. Searching for “illustrator charts” brings up a lot of good tutorials.

I wouldn’t recommend using Excel for this because the design choices are limited, and therefore look like an Excel chart, Excel can only output poor quality graphics (as in not print quality and definitely not good vector art).

Source : Link , Question Author : Dan Hanly , Answer Author : Philip Regan

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