What’s the clean Blackletter font used in this jeans logo?

I know it is not ideal to post the what-font-is-this kind of questions but I find myself intrigued by this sample I found on flickr.

What I’m most interested in is a Blackletter font that has similar clean strokes. Typical Blackletter have rather complicated serifs that are not ideal for my purposes.

sample of the kind of font i'm after - design by Simon Walker
I don’t think it is handwritten becasue of the clean lines and perfect radii and because of the inverted angle of the “i” and “h” foots.

On the other hand I kept wondering if this were Fraktur or how the different kinds of blackletter are kept apart.
Reading further I found out that fraktur is broken, interupted in english. What puzzles me a bit is that I thought all blackletters where drawn in more than one stroke. Therefore interrupting… Wouldn’t they all be Fraktur in that case?

I hope this is not too basic. I have not had a formal graphic design education (currently studying Industrial Design) and am lacking some basic knowledge

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!


Well, fractus is latin for “broken”, hence the name. The term “fraktur” is sometimes used for a particular type of blackletter (that is, not Miniscules or Rotunda), but often (particularly by German non-typographers) simply refers to all kinds of broken scripts — that is, blackletter. Here’s from Wikipedia:

Blackletter types

I haven’t seen this font before, but I’d guess it’s hand-drawn for the logo.

Source : Link , Question Author : leugim , Answer Author : sk29910

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