What’s the fastest-drying pen?

I’m talking about real pens, not software!

I love drawing with Sharpies except that I often smear the lines with my sweaty wrists!
What’s a similar black drawing pen/marker (felt tip or otherwise) that dries to a non-smearable state much faster (like within milliseconds)?

I would imagine that the type of paper used is a factor here too. What kinds of paper are best for instant-drying of pen ink?


Paper, qualities and types, is a rabbit-hole that is very deep. Be warned. A high quality coated paper designed for ink-jet printers would take inks very well to reduce or eliminate the possibility of smearing while still keeping the lines crisp. Uncoated paper would absorb inks very well also, but would tend to bleed at the edges. Heavier paper in general would be a benefit to you.

Most inks that are very thin viscosity are going to dry faster than the gel style inks. A factor to look at as well is how much ink you are putting down per area of paper. Even very absorbent paper will only be able to soak in so much ink. The amount of ink laid down by the pen or marker would be determined by the the tip, ink thickness, and possibly pressure you press with. I do not know or have a ton of experience in this area.

In no particular order here are some writing and drawing utensils I really like:

I do have a bias for smaller finer tips, and many of the options above may be too fine for your tastes and/or applications.

If you are re-introducing a liquid solvent to the paper after the ink has dried via your sweaty wrists it may be impossible to keep from smearing. An alternative that many take to when using graphite which could possibly help you is putting a piece of scratch paper under your hand. This could also be a piece of felt or other cloth which may be less likely to cling to your hand, which bothers me a lot. This intermediary surface would hamper the sweat from reaching the drawing surface and smearing the ink.

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