What’s the name for images like these?

I’m trying to figure out the name for, or a collection of, the kinds of images that “fade-into” a solid color.

For example, twitter has this image:


This allows them to add a background image that doesn’t have a large file size, and then they set the background color of the website to be the color of the bottom of the image.

The end result makes it look as if the entire page is an image:


Does anyone know if a name exists for images like this that “fade-into” a color or if there’s a place where these kinds of images are posted?



It is tiled horizontally, which in the 3D gaming world is called a ’tilable texture’ (tilable background in web terms I guess). The ‘make the bottom a flat color so it matches the color you set in CSS’ part is just practicality, I don’t think it has a label.

Source : Link , Question Author : ShadyPotato , Answer Author : John

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