What’s the worst that can happen with CC0?

I’d like to release some artwork under the CC0 license, but I’m a bit worried about the implications of that…

What is someone allowed to do with a CC0 work? What’s the worst that can happen?

Or more specifically…

  • Can they claim that they are the original author?
  • Can they assign a different license to the work and redistribute it?

To clarify what I already understand:

  • Anyone can use the artwork for (almost) any purpose.
  • They do not have to give me any credit or even mention that they did not create it.
  • They may redistribute it, even by selling it.


  • No one can claim to be the original author on a public domain work.
    That is considered Copyfraud.
  • Assingning a different license to a public domain work and redistributing it is possible. But that does not change the original public domain dedication. So there will be no way of enforcing those restrictions 😉

Source : Link , Question Author : Greg Zaal , Answer Author : Gottfried Hofmann

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