What’s wrong with Droid fonts?

I have seen on various places that people consider Droid font family with contempt. In latest Android it has been replaced with another family called Roboto.

I’m interested in why is that, from typography standpoint? What is wrong with it? To me, as a layman, it looks nice (I even use it as a main font on my OS).


There is nothing wrong with Droid fonts. As we know when we have something better everyone moves towards them same thing happened with Droid fonts.

“When we announced Ice Cream Sandwich, we also got a chance to introduce Android’s new typeface Roboto”, says Matias Duarte, Android’s User Experience guru.

According to Android Tablet blog:

The reason for the new change is — the old Droid font was made for lower res devices and wasn’t displaying correctly on the now official 1280×800 screen resolution.

So they introduced something new, which GottaBeMobile described as:

It was built from scratch and made specifically for high density displays. Google describes it has having a “dual nature. It has a mechanical skeleton and the forms are largely geometric. At the same time the font’s sweeping semi-circular curves give it a cheerful demeanor.

Here are some more links about this change. Give them a read.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mladen Jablanović , Answer Author : Farray

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