When designing for apparel how should the canvas be addressed?

I am aware that most screen printing or DTG (Direct To Garment) have a maximum print size but I’m curious to know what is the proper way to address apparel designs when the intended design is to be printed on a size small all the way up to a 2XL.

When designing for apparel should a design canvas size be considered based on each shirt to be printed or should it be based on the median of shirt sizes?

Would it be proper to suggest to the client the different canvas sizes even though that could be considered another design fee?

This could be a printer and client decision but based on being able to provide the designs I am curious to know what is the proper way to address the situation.

So my question is, when apparel designing how should a designer choose their canvas?


I’ve designed about 12 different shirts and hoodies that have been reprinted in the thousands for national conferences and events.

My rule of thumb when designing a t-shirt is based on the typical digital and silk screen sizes, which is 11×17.

So far, I have not had any printer request any changes from my submittal in that canvas size. Not saying this is the only absolute answer, but one that has never failed me.

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