When/how to stop brainstorming new ideas and move on when there is no clear frontrunner?

I’m currently working on naming a product, and I have a list of names. Some are okay, some aren’t, but I know at some point I have to close the list, pick a couple that sound good, and present them to the team members as the available choices for the next round.

I’ve experienced this sort of thing with logo designs as well in particular, but this is an issue that can happen with pretty much anything we design.

Sometimes you create something and you know it’s perfect, or great enough to present to the client and move on with. But how do you move on when that’s not the case?


I’ve found when I don’t have a clear winner its because of a few reasons:

  • I didn’t set up inspiration boards. Contrary to what most people say its GOOD to have reference, not always but most of the time. Being inspired and stealing are completely different things.

  • I didn’t set up clearly defined needs for design. Who is the audience? What are some designs that are already overused in this genre? etc.

  • I sat in front of the computer too long. Grab a sketch book, take a walk, get away from computer.

  • Look at it from another perspective. Print it out, flip your screen upside down ( you would be surprised how different something looks upside down)

  • Show iterations early on, make sure you explain they are sketches and only trying to get the look and feel. Sometimes only show them to team, other times only client (depends on dynamics)

Source : Link , Question Author : Brendan , Answer Author : wutronic

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