When I export an image from Illustrator, why is it a slightly different color in the exported image?

I have a web design layout in AI that I’m trying to slice up into HTML/CSS. I’m having trouble keeping the colors the same in the exported files as they are in Illustrator.

When I open it up in Illustrator CS4 and use the eyedropper tool to check the color of the logo, it’s #AB336B. Ultimately, this is the color I want the logo to be after I export it.

But when I open it in the “Save for Web & Devices” dialog and sample the color from there, it says it’s #CA006C, even though it still looks like #AB336B:

After some Googling, I have a feeling it’s related to color profiles, but I’m still not sure what do do to fix my problem.


Sounds like a problem with the working ICC profile. Have you disabled color management?

If you haven’t already, go to Edit -> Assign Profile and select Don't Color Manage This Document.

I can duplicate the problem mentioned to an extent (getting various sample values, though not getting the same #CA006C) by changing the assigned profile. (FWIW, using AI CS3 on Windows)

Source : Link , Question Author : Matt Alexander , Answer Author : Farray

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