When to use a QR code on a business card?

The client suggested putting QR code that leads on his website (domain name is 10 symbols). I think there is no reason to do that as it is not that long and can be typed manually. Also, QR codes are used primarily for payment or to redirect on the page that has a really long address.

On top of that business card will be given to clients from Europe and The USA where as opposed to Asia QR codes are not as widely used.

When should I use QR code on the business card?

Is it a common practice to put QR codes on business cards in Europe and The USA?


Only time I’ve ever found QR codes to be useful is to link to something like a hosted video or topic for a short term run. A good example I’ve had with a QR code and business card is going to an expo and the company’s video demo that was on display was also accessible on the business card but to the left was the company details and web URL then on the right it was the QR code linking to a hosted video promo on Vimeo.

So to answer QR codes on business cards can be used for marketing or a business campaign for short term. If you do plan to get QR codes printed on business cards make sure to get a sample first and test the QR code. Nothing worse than spending several thousand dollars on a marketing campaign to find out a sales rep didnt check the QR codes.

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