When to use one-point versus two-point perspective drawing?

Are there any general rules of thumb on whether to use one-point or two-point perspective?

EDIT: I should point out that I’m asking this question in the context of general art and painting.


One point perspective is a special case of 2 point perspective, where the view plane and front plane of objects coincide perfectly.* So you would use 1-point perspective when something is head on. Examples include houses sided by a straight road, or a straight ahead shot of a skyscraper. 1-point perspective is good if you want to emphasize one thing or straightness.

1 and 2 p perspective in same image

Image 1: 1-P and 2-P perspective can and do live in same images.

Otherwise you would use 2 point or 3 point perspective.

* And again 2 point is similarly a special case of 3 point perspective. But a more common and normal situation for humans.

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