Where can I find the best vectorization tutorial for a newbie?

I have a friend who does a bit of illustration, but all by hand. He is not familiar with Photoshop or Illustrator. He would like learn a bit of Illustrator, just enough to get by and vectorize some of his designs.

I imagine he would need to understand the basic tools first(rectangle/ellipse,pen tool, etc.) then learn some techniques, based on the type of drawing he’ll trace by hand.

Could you please recommend a clear/concise tutorial/series of tutorials focusing on vectorisation techniques ?

The can be online articles, chapters in books, video tutorials, etc.



Here’s one decent tutorial.

It is important for your friend to understand what “vectorization” actually is however because it’s almost always better to go in the other direction, from vectors to raster images.

Rather than focusing on vectorization it’s probably better for him to concentrate on simply drawing the image in Illustrator and using his sketches as a background guide to trace on top of.

Source : Link , Question Author : George Profenza , Answer Author : Hanna

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