Where can I go to recieve feedback on web design projects?

Are there are any web design forums where designers can submit their work to receive feedback and advice? I am looking for a place that I can seek advice on how to improve my designs.



The subreddit’s not bad for critique, but you have to take it with a grain of salt. There are definitely professionals that like to pitch in, but it seems like you’ll have two or three professional (appearing) feedback responses, for every five or six students, amateurs, or print designer’s who will pitch in on a web design critique, because the subreddit’s meant for all mediums. That said, it’s still never bad to receive any extra feedback and judge with your own knowledge and experience. Any comments that are from real ammateurs, nonprofessionals, or nonweb designers generally stick out.

There’s also a web design subreddit that probably has a cleaner demographic, but you might be told to move your post over to the design critique category.

As far as other sources, I’d be interested in finding out. There are graphic design forums all over the place, but as with many things, large user content generated sites are taking over, so I haven’t found any as active as reddit.

Source : Link , Question Author : KFox , Answer Author : Eric

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