Where do you get industry specific stock photos?

Any other designers have suggestions on how/where to find photography on luxury fashion designers? I’m looking for legitimate licensing.

I know the main sites like Shutterstock, iStock, and Getty Images. Where do you go about finding more industry specific photographs though? A lot of the stock sites by nature focus on broad topics and subjects for mass appeal. Should I just try to find a professional fashion photographer that might be able to license me out some of his unpublished pieces – where would I even begin finding that?


I come across this problem from time to time when designing websites.
I need a specific image and the stock site just don’t have what I need.

What I usually do is search Flickr and find an image that would be suitable to use, then simply message the photographer if I could use the image.

Most of the time they let me use it for free and send me the original file if I ask.

In your case you could probably find a professional fashion photographer on Flickr and work out some kind of legitimate licensing deal with them.

Anyways that’s my two cent. Good luck.

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