Where to find a computer version as close as possible to the original Blackletter font?

I am producing an electronic version of some pages of a medieval manuscript. The manuscript uses Blackletter, like in the image below:

enter image description here

Now, there are many types of blackletter. I am looking for one that resembles the one above, particularly in one feature: i, m, n, u, and v are all difficult to differentiate for the non-trained eye (particularly if together). This can be clearly seen in the first word of the penultimate line (dominum).

I’ve searched online for fonts using keywords like blackletter, Textura, or more broadly, gothic medieval, without success. For instance, blackletter tag search here or here, using example word dominum, show no true resemblance to the one I am looking for. The key difference, it seems to me, is that modern versions of gothic fonts are made (quite understandably) for easy readability, whereas original blackletter, as evidenced by the image above, is not easy to read.

Does someone has knowledge of a computer font that gets as close as possible to the original blackletter?


As you have mentioned in your question, the term Blackletter covers a fairly large range of typographic styles (such as Fraktur, Schwabacher, Rotunda, Bastarda).

As it seems that the Sample you have provided might very well be handwritten, Blackletters of the Rotunda or Bastarda style could match this style.
They are more directly derived from mediaeval handwriting and carry these characteristic rounded elements into the otherwise typically upright and angular blackletter style.

Using these Terms will point you in the right direction, I hope.
Here’s a Swiss Typographer, Klaus Peter Schaeffel who has made quite a few fonts based on historic reference, that are available for download from his (also slightly mediaeval) website. Take a look at his 2000 Bastarda:

enter image description here

here’s a rough reproduction of your sample:
enter image description here

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