Where to find anti-alias in Photoshop settings?

I am new to Stack Exchange, I am also pretty new to Photoshop. I am still learning a lot. One problem I am having is, I can’t find the setting to affect anti-aliasing.

I have issues understanding things sometimes so when I looked for answers on Google I don’t understand the info I found. I am hoping I can get better and straightforward answers here. I know how to use the setting in Photoshop but I can’t find anti-alias in my Photoshop settings. I have used GIMP and other photo manipulation programs before also I researched how to use Photoshop so I understand how Photoshop works somewhat. I still have a lot to learn though. Any help would be great.

Thank you. Please be patient with me I am a little slow due to disabilities.


In Adobe Photoshop you can find this option in options bar (below Menu Bar ) .

option bar can be find in Window > Options

Only in for those tools which support anti-alias.

as. Text tool, elliptical marquee tool, lasso tool and so On.

Each tools contains its own setting.

Hope you find it helpful

Source : Link , Question Author : BatBrat , Answer Author : varun

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