where to get web-design critiques and suggestions?

Where do you get you design critics for your project, particularly on web design? A friend had suggested to me a website where people critique and give suggestion on your website. But I forgot the name of the website. I’m looking for both free and paid solutions.

A free solution I can think of is to call your friends and let them comment on your design. The downside of it is, not all of them are professional.


The biggest one I’ve heard of is http://pleasecritiqueme.com/. It seems like they’ve stopped providing critiques for whatever reason (have been dark for almost a year).

There might be an avenue here for design critiques, but I think the idea is to provide more definitive answers here to questions that are more black and white than grey.

Really, the best place to get critiques is from your peers and colleagues. You can’t beat a back-and-forth critique where you have to defend your work and your design decisions.

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