Where would I find a high quality version of a wooden floor like this?

It is to be used for background on a website. I like it exactly the way it is except that the image quality is not good enough. Looking for quality that will look good on a Retina screen. Must be able to license to use it (free or paid) for a commercial website.

I did of course already search Flickr, Google and some stock image sites. Primarily searched for “wooden floor”, “wooden texture” and “wooden background”.

Anyone knows where to find a high resolution one like it? Like one commenter mentioned, the image shown has been copied three times which is OK for the new image too – that way I can minimize the filesize the users browser has to download through the CSS background repeat-x method.

UPDATE: Found what I needed – please see my own answer below.

light colored wooden floor


Hope this will help your need

Source : Link , Question Author : rassom , Answer Author : user7301

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