Which anti-aliasing settings should I use in Photoshop when designing for small print sizes

I’m designing a business card which contains quite a lot of information.

Some of the type is small. Is there a preffered text anti-aliasing setting when doing something like this? Currently my type is set to crisp.

If it makes any difference the typeface is Gotham Medium at 24px (300dpi)



Ignore the anti-aliasing. It’s entirely irrelevant in this situation. When you’re ready, save the PSD, then Save As a PDF. Uncheck the option to keep the file editable in Photoshop, or just use PDF/X-1a as your PDF type. Your text exports as vector information, not rasterized, so the various Photoshop settings don’t apply.

Here are two bits of text inside Photoshop. The top is set to “Strong” and the bottom to “None.”

Photoshop text in Photoshop

Now here is the same text, after saving as PDF/X-1a. I zoomed in even further, just to make the point:

Photoshop text in PDF

Source : Link , Question Author : Mazatec , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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