Which glyphs to design according to the needs of a particular market?

Sometimes I make my own typefaces. Most of the fonts are very incomplete. I concentrate a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and some punctuation marks. I want to make a more complete font. But find it hard to decide which glyphs to design.

It seems logical to design Latin and Latin Extended A first.
But just going for a complete unicode plane seems a bit rough. General punctuation has some very common glyphs, but also some obscure ones that are often omitted.

Are there guides on which glyphs to design? Are there methods to decide which ones? Are there language sets? How do you decide which glyphs to design?

I’m looking for a classification system for glyphs or methods that type designers use to decide what glyphs to design. A graphic designer in Germany will only buy a font if it contains a ß glyph. I’m at the other side of the counter. I design a font for a market. How to know the needs of a market?


Short answer:

It’s specific to the implementation.

Long answer:

Research the market for your typeface. Look through how Google Webfonts does charsets and the Mac keyboard implementation of accented characters.

Google provides some clarification on making charset calls, which is what occurs with websites and webapps.

If your target market is something formal (eg. financial services), the European Payments Council has some dry but informative reading on requirements for language-specific glyphs.

You may want to ask this on the Linguistics, Webmasters, or Stack Overflow forums. You’ll probably get an answer more specific to your application.

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