Which graphic tablets support tilt?

Have been googling my eyes out, besides marketing blabla I couldn’t find good information at all…

There are several graphic tablet producers:

Of course Wacom is the best. But they are also pretty expensive. Wacoms Intuos4 supports tilt (Bamboo does not).

I am looking for a cheaper alternative to Wacom. I basically want an A5 tablet with a pen having tilt (and maybe rotation) support. Is Wacom the only one offering this? I don’t care about buttons or anything else.

Also: Wacom seems to be the only ones supporting rotation of the pen (with the Art Pen).


Hanvon drawing tablets do have tilt feature. Though they are not exactly cheapest of the cheapest drawing tablets.

Hanvon – Not all of them have tilt I believe, so check for Tilt in the “Technical specifications”. Art masters do have it.

You asked if there are any others and I was like “Can’t remember any other ones- Trust…”

Trust – The 3 newest ones seem to have tilt. ..and the pens seem to work without batteries nowadays..

Source : Link , Question Author : Dennis G , Answer Author : Umesh .A Bhat

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