Which version of Adobe Acrobat do I need to do calculations?

We are trying to create a fillable PDF with Adobe Reader, I think, and seems to be working but we can’t create calculations in it. Do we need a special version of Acrobat for this?


Acrobat Pro has had forms with calculations a long time. It’s not freeware, but quite a premium piece of software.

Search for “PDF form calculations” or “PDF forms with calculations”, You get plenty of quidance to choose from. An example: https://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/print/how-to-do-not-so-simple-form-calculations

The same search gives also several hints how to use freeware.

Foxit Phantom presents itself as a low cost alternative for Acrobat. It also has forms with calculations. I haven’t tested it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mike Murphy , Answer Author : user287001

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