Who is responsible for text mistakes in a print project?

I am a graphic designer and my project was to design and print a cocktail catalog. Everything worked fine till the client realized, when I delivered the printed catalogs, that a cocktail΄s description which was given to me was wrong.

The thing is, I sent many presented files of the work and was asking to check that everything was correct before printing the catalog and that because he made a lot of changes till the end of the desired layout.

I understand that it is also my fault, but isn’t the client also responsible for this mistake?


If the client was given opportunity to proof read final files before they went to press, it’s the client’s responsibility.

If you failed to allow the client to proof read before anything went to press, it’s your responsibility.

Clients should always have the final say before anything is reproduced. That means the client should proofread all files once all changes have been made and files should only be sent to press if no further changes are requested and the client has expressly stated “yes, this proof is good for production.” If they then miss a mistake, it’s the client’s responsibility to pay for corrections.

Your contract should state that you are not responsible for content errors after the client has approved files for reproduction. But even without a contract, if you have email or written approval of the artwork, the onus lies with the client, not you.

If you are not in the habit of asking for print-production approval from the client, you should start immediately.

Source : Link , Question Author : Triangle , Answer Author : Scott

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