Why are Apple products so common in mockups?

Inspired by this question:
Why are Apple Macs used so much in the graphic design industry?

While browsing through the web trying to find device mockups for my website,
I realized that about 90% of all the mockups were of Apple devices.

For example finding a (flat) mockup of a non-Apple laptop computer is like a mission impossible.

On about every website showcasing their applications (unless it’s Android/WP-only) on a device, the device is Apple’s.

I think there are better designs out there than only Apple.

Why are Apple devices so popular?


  • They’re familiar. Designers tend to use Macs, so when they want to put a mockup on a screen, it’s the first that would come to mind.
  • They’re popular. Sure, Windows has more market share. But can you name a single model of PC that’s super popular? What about an all-in-one desktop? What about an external monitor?
  • They’re good-looking. Macs have a reputation for being very well-designed. (Perhaps people use them as coattails to ride? Scroll down to ‘My Work’)
  • They’re minimalistic. Macs don’t have a lot of details that would pull the eye away from the screen.

So: a popular, well-built computer that doesn’t call attention to itself is a great frame for your app.


If you’re in the Windows world, it really doesn’t make sense. While OSX and iOS make a pretty good chunk of the consumer pie, they can be almost non-existent in the business world if you’re the kind of site that used by office workers during the daytime. When I was in that situation I took pictures of the monitors that were all around the office because that was more familiar to me, popular with the businesses we’d target, and still pretty minimalistic.

Source : Link , Question Author : Claudio , Answer Author : Brendan

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